Delivering Energy Through Land

End-to-end solutions for greenfield & rebuild, overhead & underground, and encroachment mitigation projects across the nation.

We're The Most Efficient Partner For Your Project

Quick Mobilization

We leverage our national network of experienced local agents to start and complete your project faster than our competitors can.

Streamlined Costs

We can scale up or down for your project as needed to streamline costs. Only keep resources on your project if necessary.

Customizable Tech

By working with the best technology vendors in the world, we offer our clients the tech solutions they need, customized to their project.


Better Results with Less Resources

We combine local title and acquisition agents with veteran project managers and a suite of customizable technology solutions to provide cost-effective Right-of-Way services.


We Know ROW

We’re Right-Of-Way experts with a deep understanding of land as a whole and a broad skill set across our nationwide network of agents. From planning to execution, we’ll guide your project to completion better than anyone else.

Pipeline Infrastructure

Sound Strategy. Less Risk.

Managing risk upfront is what we are best at. Our experience across the nation and covering multiple industries gives us a unique vantage point and a broad skill set to streamline pipeline projects from start to finish.


Plan for Better Results

Energy companies trust us to help plan their renewables projects before they start. In one of the most competitive spaces around, lean on us to stay one step ahead and make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of your project.


Streamline Your Projects with Dudley


What Energy Companies Have to Say About Dudley

"DUS has been instrumental in managing risk for our infrastructure projects. Their expertise in identifying and mitigating potential risks upfront has saved us valuable time and resources."

John S.

Project Manager

When it comes to planning, DUS is in a league of their own. Their meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure that every aspect of the project is thoroughly considered and accounted for. We trust their planning expertise implicitly." - Sarah M., Construction Manager

Sarah M.

Construction Manager

"DUS has a unique ability to see the whole picture from the start. Their holistic perspective enables them to anticipate challenges and proactively address them, resulting in smoother project execution and enhanced outcomes."

- Robert L.

Development Director

"Diligence, thoroughness, experience – these are the qualities that define DUS. Their team goes above and beyond to conduct comprehensive research, analysis, and due diligence, providing us with a solid foundation for making informed decisions." - Emily T., Land Acquisition Specialist

Emily T.

Land Acquisition Specialist

"Strategy is at the core of DUS' approach. They bring a strategic mindset to every project, considering various factors, options, and contingencies. Their strategic guidance has been invaluable in navigating complex land and right-of-way issues." - Michael R., Utility Project Manager

Michael R.

Utility Project Manager

"Execution is where DUS truly shines. They not only plan meticulously but also execute flawlessly. Their efficient and organized approach ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget, exceeding our expectations every time."

David P.

Pipeline Operations Manager

"DUS understands the importance of diligence. They leave no stone unturned in their research, ensuring that every aspect of the project is thoroughly examined. Their meticulousness gives us peace of mind, knowing that nothing has been overlooked."

Amanda G.

Regulatory Compliance Analyst

"DUS has the experience that matters. Their seasoned professionals have encountered diverse challenges and successfully executed countless projects. Their wealth of experience gives us confidence in their ability to handle any obstacle that may arise."

Jennifer H.

Operations Director

"Thoroughness is a hallmark of DUS' work. They dive deep into every detail, leaving no room for surprises. Their thorough approach enables us to make well-informed decisions and minimize potential risks."

Mark D.

Asset Manager

"DUS combines diligence, experience, and strategy to deliver exceptional results. Their comprehensive and strategic approach sets them apart from others in the industry. It's been a pleasure working with a team that truly understands the importance of these qualities."

Lisa W.

Project Engineer


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